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Data Analysis Detection & Auditing

Experts in Client, Vendor and Third Party

Anti-Money Laundering Analysis & Risk Monitoring

Onsite MDX & OLAP Training for Analysis Services

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Cyber Insider Threat Analysis
Data Security and Intelligence Training

For over 30 Years, the leader in Cyber Insider Audit Investigations

We merge enterprise data and account forensics with network level transaction analysis to produce actionable intelligence.
CodeCenters offers advanced Cyber Insider (CINDER) Data Analysis, AML Case Investigation Consulting and MDX - Data Security Courses. We build and use world class enterprise solutions to secure and audit information infrastructures with a specialization towards AML processes, data related exfiltration and financial crimes. So whether it’s tracking money laundering activity, ensuring your finance infrastructure is secure from prying eyes or conducting overflow KYC case analysis, CodeCenters can ensure you know who sees your data and how your infrastructure is used.

Case Building - Analysis & MDX Training

On-Site Expert Training from the Source
The leader in data use & access forensics for the law enforcement, insurance, banking and corporate security sectors.
Advanced Enterprise SQL Server Data Security, Analysis and MDX OLAP Data Warehouse Training.
Business and Security Intelligence that gives you a global insight into your data and its movement.
Onsite or Remote Insider Activity Analysis and Auditing.

AML Tracking & Investigations - Compliance Analysis

Working with your team to get the job done
AML Transaction Monitoring, Sanctions Screening and "Know Your Customer" Analysis Experts
The Go-To Experts for Building a Solid Enforcement Case
Critical Vendor Access, Use Path Tracking and SOC Report Auditing (SSAE-16, ISAE-3402)
Find out how your Trusted Vendors use your assets.
DFS Part 504 Technical Solution Audit
We audit at the network packet layer. Ensure your 504 compliance from the ground up.
IBM i2 Training & Big Data Link Analysis
We wrote the book on "Big Data Link Analysis"